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Baby Kitchen Time


Hi, welcome! Today we need you because our child is home alone. We must go in a delegation and only you can take care of our baby. It is very good and you will like to spend time with him. If you have a little brother you know what to do. We have great confidence in you, know that you will become the best friend of our kid. The girl wants to do all the things that her mother makes every day, you have to make a list to not forget anything. We know you're a hard-working kid and that's why we decided to please help us. Every day you have the opportunity to prove that you are a good friend. You will be able to use all skills to finish all the missions that we have prepared with much love.You will have fun doing interesting things.Be very attentive to all the instructions of this cooking game for kids. - In the beginning you will know Doris;- It is happy because she will know you;- You will spend a wonderful day with your new friend;- First you have to go shopping;- You have to buy everything you need in the kitchen;- Be careful that food must be fresh;- After you get home girl wants to go to his room;- Must styling her hair;- Choose the right clothes because it wants to prepare dinner;- It has all the ingredients it needs;- Now you need to add eggs, salt and grain. Mix well;- Turn the stove;- Place a saucepan on the stove and add the composition;- Mix well;- Now the food is ready and the girl can eat;- Give her milk and orange juice;- It is time to help the girl to wash the dishes;- Use special detergent;- Rinse with warm water;- Clean water with a towel;- The kitchen looks great, you're a hard-working kid.
Thank you for helping, please come back every day through this baby care game for kids.
Have fun!